Big Car V Small Car: which one is better?

If Gas prices continue to spike the way they are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole world converted to small cars and manufacturers are aware of this shift towards smaller cars this is why small car models are being manufactured equipped with all the luxuries and technology functions of bigger vehicles. The only problem with small cars is . . .That they are less spacious other than that small car are much more convenient as compared to larger vehicles.

Here is a list of reasons why it is advisable to purchase a small used car instead of a bigger one:

It’s cheaper

Small cars are affordable, not just to purchase but also to keep on the roads, they come with a lower bumper price and consume less fuel as compared to larger vehicles. Whether you’re a first time buyer or you are purchasing a used vehicle small cars are inexpensive. They are less costly to maintain as well because they do not require regular servicing or repairs. The spare parts are available more rapidly and at a lesser price as compared to large vehicles.

Drive easier

Small cars are particularly useful for first time buyers or those who have just learnt to drive, most new drivers struggle with parking, these cars are easy to park and if you’ll be driving the car in the city, then you are likely to have problems finding parking spaces, the cars require less room which means it is easier to find a parking space.

Less fuel consumption

Small cars a fuel efficient, with gas prices continually rising and likely to rise even more, owning a car is becoming more and more difficult, small cars can provide a little saving and also be environmentally friendly. If you want to opt for a more luxury small car you have the option of a BMW Parallel Import the i3 is a small luxury BMW and is available at a reasonable price when bought via parallel import.

Small cars are updated and tech savvy

Gone are the days when you would spend 10 minutes trying to roll up all the windows in your tiny manual car and locking the doors had to be done one by one, small cars now come equipped with all the latest technology features that you can find in large vehicles. Rom Wi-Fi to Bluetooth these cars have it all, you can even get a small car with a rear view camera and compatible with an iPhone or Android.

Easy to drive

Small cars are much easier to drive as compared to large vehicles, these are particularly advisable if you’re a new driver they take up less space which means reversing and parking will be less complicated. They are also easy to drive when on the roads because turning and reversing is also made easier, it is always advisable for new drivers to buy a smaller car



Small cars are being factory fitted with all the equipment necessary in order to make the car safe, they come with factory installed airbags, seat-belts, improved brakes system, departure alerts, back sensors, rear view camera and all other safety equipment that a large car has.

Surprisingly spacious

Yes! That’s right, the new small cars are actually very spacious for example the Suzuki Wagon R allows you a comfortable ride and vast leg space even though it seems to be smaller. Small cars are not as same as they seem anymore because manufacturers are beginning to understand the issues that are faced by small car owners and are addressing these issues as widely as possible. The 2018 car models are offering a lot more space to the users as compared to older cars as they are increasing in popularity. A Suzuki Swift seems to offer as much space as a Honda City  and is a popular car amongst the younger generation.

Parallel imports are also a considerable trend amongst first time car buys because you are bale to purchase luxury cars at a reasonable price. BMW parallel imports are also available, BMW is a luxury car that can also be found in small shapes. F1Auto has a wide range of luxury automobiles parallel imports, including a BMW parallel import



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